Would you like to go diving?

Exeter BSAC

can show you how

Great write up about the recent Cornish Divefest, plus other club diving …..

Exeter's oldest diving club

Try dive

A one hour session with all the kit plus instruction. Safe and secure in a local swimming pool. This session includes everything, and is only £15 for adults, £10 for children. The minimum age for a try dive is 8 but there's no upper age limit. Try Dives are currently Tuesdays at the Riverside, but this may change when the new Sidwells Point pool opens.

Learn to dive

Learn to dive safely under the guidance of BSAC Instructors. This usually takes 2 evenings a week over 6 weeks, followed by 4 sea dives.

Already a diver?

We welcome divers trained with any agency PADI, SSI, NAUI etc. Don't worry if you've not dived in the UK before, because we can arrange an experienced buddy to dive with you. Come along and dive as a guest. Exeter BSAC has a small amount of kit that can be hired. If you are a technical diver, then we only have a few members who enjoy long, deep dives.

The club has several Advanced Instructors, numerous Open Water Instructors, plus an Instructor for people with disabilities. There should be nothing to stop you diving.

People can be surprised that diving in the UK can be colourful. Here’s a Tompot Blennie just outside Exmouth docks. Photo Clinton Currie


8pm Fridays in our clubhouse

Come and have a chat and drink in our licensed bar one Friday evening. Don’t worry if you are a complete novice, not dived for years, or just curious to know more about diving.

If you can swim, then come and talk diving with us. The underwater world can be absolutely amazing!


Whether you are simply curious about Exeter BSAC, fancy a try dive in the pool, or just want to learn more, then we’re here to answer any questions.