Would you like to go diving?

Exeter BSAC

can show you how

Message from the Chairman. “Exeter BSAC has a splendid dive programme for 2024 (weather permitting). Come along on a Friday evening and find out more.”

Next Club dive Sun 7th April

Amazingly, our club dives are still very popular, and were full for both January and February dives. The list opens about 10 days before the dive. Us the contact us page if you’re not on the club mailing list and want an invite. Open to all certified divers, but if you’ve not dived recently we’ll ask that you do a pool refresher session before going in the sea. 

New Training Dates. Ocean Diver and Sports Diver dates. See the ‘courses’ page!!!

If you’re already a diver, come on a club dive. It costs nothing to dive as a guest – just come and dive! See our forthcoming events page or use the ‘Contact Us’ form, and we dive all year round. If you’ve not dived in a while, then for a small fee you can have a pool refresher session before getting in the sea. UK diving is surprisingly good 🙂

Exeters oldest dive club

The club has several Advanced Instructors, numerous Open Water Instructors, plus an Instructor for people with disabilities. There’s nothing to stop you diving, and UK diving can be amazing…… these photos were all taken on local dives. You don’t have to go abroad to see great stuff 🙂

Fridays at 8pm in our clubhouse

Come and have a chat and drink in our licensed bar on a Friday evening. Don’t worry if you are a complete novice, not dived for years, or just curious to know more about diving. 

If you can swim, then come and talk diving with us. The underwater world is amazing!


Whether you are simply curious about Exeter BSAC, fancy a try dive in the pool, or just want to learn more, then we’re here to answer any query you might have. Don’t be scared to ask – even if you think it might be a silly question.