Ocean Diver – the new course starts on Friday 29th September in the Clubhouse classroom at 19:00. You must have booked the course (with the training officer) before that date. A list of the training dates is below.

Sports Diver – the next course starts Friday 20th October in the Clubhouse classroom at 19:00. You must have booked the course (with the training officer) before that date. A list of the training dates is below the Ocean Diver list.

Try Dive

If you want to ‘have a go’, then simply book a try dive. Most people find this one hour session a lot of fun. You can then decide about going on to the Ocean Diver course.  Full instruction and kit are provided. Adults pay £20 and under 16’s only £15. Try dives are currently at the Riverside pool on a Tuesday evening.

Enter the Riverside Leisure Centre (don’t pay at reception), turn left and go through the double doors. We will be in the area just beyond the double doors.

Contact our Training Officer to book


If you’re already certified, but haven’t dived in a while,  then we can organise a refresher course for you in a pool. This would cover a review of safety skills, and help get you safely back in the water.

It’s a great way to help get your confidence back before going back in the sea again. We can provide kit for you to use. If you’re an Exeter BSAC member, then training is free of charge, but if you’re not an club member, then a fee will be charged for the training (£30), and use of the pool. 

Contact the Training Officer for more details.  

Ocean Diver

The starting block to all BSAC diving. Every diver starts with theory lessons as well as practical pool sessions. Usually 2 evenings a week for 6 weeks, and then a theory test. After this, there are 4 sea dives before you are qualified. This qualification allows you to dive to a depth of 20 metres (65 feet), anywhere in the world, and also includes some rescue skills. 

BSAC qualifications are welcomed all over the world. 

Contact our Training Officer for costs

Advanced Ocean Diver

BSAC have introduced a new course, which fills a gap between Ocean Diver and Sports Diver.This course teaches you some of the aspects of diving deeper than 20 metres, and allows you to participate in more activities than just the entry level course.

Contact our Training Officer for costs

Sports Diver

Diving to 20 metres depth is OK, but there are some great sites and shipwrecks just slightly deeper than this. The Sports Diver course pushes your depth limit down to 35m (115 feet).

This course teaches you advanced diving techniques, and also improves your underwater rescue skills. It is a great course to take.

Contact our Training Officer for costs

Dive Leader

You’re now experienced enough to dive within all recreational diving limits (50m), plus solve almost every problem that appears. The Dive Leader course teaches you how to safely organise diving, plus how to supervise inexperienced divers.  

This course is complex, and achieving Dive Leader status shows people you are a serious scuba diver.

Contact our Training Officer for costs

Onward and downward (literally)

From Dive Leader there’s lots more you can learn, then pass those skills on to others. The next steps are Assistant Instructor, Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor, Advanced Instructor, and then on to National Instructor.

BSAC diving qualifications are not gained rapidly, and the training to Dive Leader can take several years. Diving experience can’t be bought, though learning in UK waters can make diving abroad just so easy  🙂 

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