We arrived to a rather breezy Plymouth, hoping to dive the Rosehill.


Looking at the conditions we decided to review the dive plan once we had looked at the sea-state the other side of the breakwater. It was choppy but do-able so we headed out to the wreck with Clint boat handling. Paul H had been struggling with his new neckseal on the way out - asphyxia wasn''t in his dive plan..... We arrived at the dive site, another dive boat had already dropped their shot in, they advised that there were more divers en-route, approx 26 divers who were planning to survey the wreck, we decided to get in rather sharpish before their arrival, we hadn''t even got our goody bags out before they arrived, we decided to give it a miss and dive Scylla instead as Dave had not been on the wreck for a while and was curious about the growth on her.

Myself, Chris and Dave dropped in on the large yellow buoy as the usual shot lines were missing. Once on the stern the vis wasn''t good, it was green and murky, we finned around the seabed on the portside, coming slowly up her bow our torches illuminated the abundant plumose anemones and starkly white dead man''s fingers, a large proportion of the anemones were a beautiful orange. Having dived her when she first went down, it''s lovely to see her being colonised and watch her change. There were ballen wrasse and pollock darting in and out of our torch beams. Chris and Dave had a quick look inside her whilst I found velvet swimming crabs and lots of little starfish to play with on deck. We crossed over to the Starboard side, finning over the nets which were groaning under the weight of anemones clinging to it, and bimbled back to the shot at the stern. Geoff and Sarah had also been in for a dive after we had gone in, they said that they had an enjoyable dive but had to cut it short a little as Sarah had a problem with her weightbelt.

Once back in the boat I glanced over to my stab jacket, there was loads of ''critters'' crawling all over it, and I noticed all over my drysuit ! Yuk, Dave told Chris that he thought that they were baby lobsters that had been hiding amongst the weed growing on the buoy we used, that would explain all the fish swimming around us looking for a meal as we came up !! Funny, they then went from Ughh creepy crawlies, to Aww... cute baby lobsters, hope Dave was right...... they didn''t bite anyway......... The ride back to Plymouth was uncomfortable as the weather had picked up a little.

We came back into Mountbatten slip where Hilary, Geoff H, Pete, Simon and Anne were getting their kit together for the second dive. The weather prevented them from straying too far out of the Sound so, with Chris boat handling it was decided to dive Tinker Shoal.

Once back, the reports of vis were excellent, Hilary and Clint, Anne and Simon, Geoff and Pete said that they had enjoyed their dives and I''m hopeful that a dive report will appear here shortly from them. Simon, Pete and Geoff even managed to get some Sport Diver training done.

It was a very enjoyable day, next weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend (7th May) I''m already having a look at the weather and tide prospects for at least a couple of days diving.........