Ten members travelled to Vobster Quay on 27th January

Arriving bright and early (08.30) at Vobster we were soon sorting out kit and checking dive plans.

Julie and Simon wanted to do Ocean Diver 4 + 5.  Peter wanted to do Sports Diver 1, 2 + 3 and Steve travelled down from London to do Diver Leader 1.  Vobster is a perfect venue for training.  It has easy entry and exit to the water, depths to 35m with training platforms at various depths,  various underwater attractions(Aircraft, cars tunnels etc) plus the luxury of hot showers and catering facilities.

It was good to be able to wave your arms around and tow your buddy in the water without creating panic on shore.  All the training modules went well and congratulations to those who had their log-books signed off.  Thanks to the instructors, Paul, Nick and Clint (especially Nick who gave up using his rebreather to instruct)

A good day was had by all.  We now look forward to calmer weather and getting the RIB out once more.

Anne Massam