Saturday 31st March 2007

Plymouth - the plan to dive the wreck of the Scylla. Two boat trips.

First group: Cap''n Clint (Cox''n) Debbie, Julie, Nick and Paul

Second group: Cap''n Nick (Cox''n) Chris, Simon, Clint and Geoff.

On arrival the sound looked enticing, flat and blue. "MIR" launched and loaded and the first group set off. It was agreed that if anyone felt uncomfortable then the dive site would be changed. Halfway to the breakwater - it was unanimously decided that the Scylla would be a "No Go" - the wind was a NE 3 with occasional gusts to a 4. We decided on the Breakwater Fort.

The first pair (Paul and Debbie) dropped in on the South side of the tower. Viz 6m, Seafans on the walls, Lobster under the plates, BRASS shell cases - mostly .303 ammunition - on the seabed. Ballan Wrasse and crabs. The amount of steel around and about was reminiscent of the Galicia!

Julie and Nick had a similar dive, entering just after the first pair and surfacing shortly before.

Now... the forecast had been for strong gust at 18:00... it was 6 hours early!

When we surfaced the sea was ROUGH! In order to pick us up Clint manoevered the RIB alongside us, and Nick quickly deployed the anchor. This stopped the RIB being swept onto the breakwater, but made it move up and down on the waves. Quickly dekitting we got into "MIR", Debbie being er.. assisted over complete with weightbelt still on (I said we were quick). Anchor recovered, and over to the shelter of the Tower to tidy the boat. Before a slow and wet trip back in.

I rate this as one of the worst conditions in which I have had to get back into a RIB. The weather was safely diveable when we started, the forecast showing no imminent change. I was very grateful for Clints skills with the boat - so much so I gave him a MARS bar!

Unfortunately that was the end of diving for the day, apologies to those that didn''t get a dive in.


Paul Leyland