It''s not a loggable dive.... 
A Saturday in March... the weather for the last month has precluded diving in the sea, I couldn''t face another trip to Somerset, and so decided to do something dive related and hopefully interesting.
The Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS) run a series of courses form the Introductory course up to Diploma level. Its aims are to raise public awareness of archaeology underwater and on the foreshore.

That''ll do for me! It will help me to indentify the lump of crud on the wreck, before I er... salvage it for the benefit of everyone. It will also help me find the wrecks with all the sunken treasure, and give me some tips on recovery and disposable on ebay of said items!

Saturday, turns out to be the most divable day of the winter so far! So what am I doing standing outside DDRC in Plymouth, with Julie and Nick and I ain''t even needing treatment?

The day starts off very well. "Help yourselves to Tea and Coffee!". The paperwork and disclaimer are filled in, and the lectures start.

The Instructors for the day:
Sarah Ward. Development officer for the NAS (and an Aussie)
Jon Parlour. Instructor for the NAS, and with a wealth of local knowledge. He is Training manager at DDRC, and a BS-AC AI.

Introduction To Archaeology and the NAS
Sarah opened the day, checking we were all there for the course and not awaiting treatment in the pot! an overview of what we were going to, what archaeology is and what the NAS does.

Site Types & Basic Dating methods
By this time I realise that I should leave my lump hammer, chisel and
lifting bags in the car..

Underwater Finds - What to do?
This is going to be more like it I thought - no maybe best not mention all the stuff
I''ve er.. recycled.. How to measure it to decide on the size of the liftbag? - ''fraid not! 

2D Underwater Survey - principles and techniques
Measure to how many millimetres?? Always thought to the nearst yard was enough!

2D Underwater Survey - Dry Practical session
Outside trying to measure to the nearest bloody millimetre various objects on the
ground either side of a line - and no portholes!
Underwater Survey - Pool
More difficult than you think - fins get in the way!
Measure to How Many Millimetres?
(Open Circuit! - forgot how difficult to breathe, noisey, cold air etc..)
This session is FUN!
Drawing Up Session

This is more a case of draughtsmanship and drawing straight lines
and curved line and more bloody millimetres...
But we drew our artifacts from the wreck of the Napoli
(ever tried getting a BMW Motorbike in a swimming pool),
and duly signed our work - "Wallace & Grommit"
What''s Next?
There are some great courses available through the NAS
Submarine reseach with Innes Macarthy.
Dives using commercial gear..
No explosives though..

A great day out. I learnt a lot, had fun, and even got a dive in!
1.8m - 52 mins - and No Clint it doesnt count for the logbook!
Paul Leyland