Diving in the briny!

Adrian wanted to carry out a few drills, I wanted to check the YBOD was still working after the "Feely/Touchy" session on Friday.

Brixham breakwater beach - sunshine and a sea with hardly a ripple. Strong SW wind but this didn''t affect us, apart from the "Ooerr Missus! that winds a bit cold on the bits.." when getting changed.

First dive 4m - 15 mins. Adrian demonstrated a novel way of wearing a weightbelt in his rear entry drysuit. My VR3 was most impressed I was using a 99% mix for diluent!

Back to shore, kit fettling session and a meet with Andy - newly moved to SW and a member of the BS-AC Internet forum.

After a lot more kit fettling involving a hammer and allen keys, we started our second dive.

7m - 31mins. This time we swam out from the shore and at 5m depth turned left towards the breakwater.

A swim along (and around for me) the rocks, before turning around and making our way back to shore.

It was interesting to see the life (makes a great change from Vobster!). Lots of Snakelock Anenomies, the weed is starting to grow, Dogfish, Long legged crabs. Now I thought it was a few weeks earlier than normal to see this amount of life.

Water temperature was a balmy 11 degrees, and the all important viz was 2.5m

Following de-kitting and during the usual tea and chips from the cafe, we spotted a DSMB drifting further and further out to sea. We made enquiries with the groups of divers around, nobody missing from their groups.

After about 15 mins , as we were about to call the Coastguard, two heads apppeared by the buoy. The were not in distress and I think (Lip reading) the converstaion was along the lines of "Oh I say! Golly Gosh! We will have a little swim back to the beach!"

It was good to get back into the sea again after all the trips to Vobster.

What did you do?

Paul Leyland