We left Exeter on Friday morning after kitting out Andy Ross with a regulator and cylinders at the boatshed. Apart from a traffic queue at Roach the drive down was uneventful. By noon we were at Lamorna Cove, where Clint was already parked up with Mir.

Friday 6th


The first dive of the weekend with Chris boat handling, consisted of :

  • Clint and Anne
  • Deb and Simon

The second wave with Clint running the boat was:

  • Chris and Hillary
  • Brian and Andy

Thedives today were on the Bucks, which are two rocks connected by a reefsystem that show at low water a few hundred metres offshore from theTater Du lighthouse.  It was a beautiful sunny day with calm seas and agood 5m vis. By 5pm all diving was done and we had arranged to meet inthe evening at the local pub in Hayle  for a meal and chat about planning the weekends diving.



Saturday 7th


First dive of the day was out of Penzance on the wreck of the Hellopes in 37 metres in Mounts Bay, she was a 320 ft long 2,774 gross ton coal-laden steamship which sank on 21 December 1911.


Theday started with the sight of a pair of dolphins playing in the bayjust outside the harbour, we stopped and watched for a little whilebefore continuing out to the wreck.  The cat  Ã¢â‚¬ËœPamela P’ was out therealready and whilst waiting for their divers to clear the wreck we wentonboard for a look around her, well worth considering should we everneed a hardboat dive out ofPenzance.


With Brian boat handling the diving pairs were:

  • Clint and Anne
  • Chris and Deb

Theshot was located on the stern of the ship on the port side, lots oforange fan corals littered the plates as we crossed from the port sideto the starboard side, once there we headed towards the propeller andrudder, the deepest part of the wreck. As we came up on the prop it wasbathed in a green glow from the surrounding water.  From here we continued up the starboard side until time dictated our departure, albeit reluctantly.


Second wave was on Low Lee Ledges, a crescent shaped reef system on the eastern side of Mounts Bay. Clint boat handled, the pairs were:

  • Brian and Andrew Ross
  • Pete and Nic Macve

The third wave was on a small reef to the East of Low Lee ledges with Chris boat handling, the pairs were:

  • Deb and Hilary
  • Anne and Simon

It was a smallreef but had a number of interesting features not least an old Lobbypot or two, the odd old bottle (unfortunately empty !), and a rathernice sea urchin which we left on the bottom for somebody else to find.


Everybody descended to our caravan later in the evening for a natter and a beer.



Sunday 8th


Mir launched out of Penzance bound for the Stannock reef which is about half a mile due South of Lamorna Cove. With Chris boathandling the pairs were:

  • Deb and Andy
  • Brian and Nic McVie
  • Clint and Hilary

Second wave again on the Stannock saw Clint boat handling, the pairs were:

  • Chris and Simon
  • Anne and Pete

There was lots oflife on the reef, lots of crabs, anemones, sea cucumbers and starfishthe vis was around 8 metres, lovely bimble with little or no current.


Third wave was on Low Lee Ledges, with Clint boat handling, the pairs were:

  • Deb and Chris
  • Simon and Andy

Round of applause as at the bottom of the shot was a beautiful  hugecannon (cast iron), a local dive club had put a cable on the bottomwhich you could follow, a ‘nature trail’ around the reef linking it tothe wreck of the Primrose.

Monday 9th


We launched out of Lamorna Cove. The first dive saw Chris boat handling with Simon and Andy on the Bucks.


The boat put back into Lamorna to drop Simon and Andy off and we turned Mir around and headed out to the Runnelstone. Thepairs were:

  • Debs and Chris
  • Clint and Anne

We had of course heardtales of stunning vis and lots of life but we were amazed, it was likefinning through a garden, so many huge fish, dogfish, crabs, anemones,with viz between 10 and 15 metres, beautiful golden sand at 36m, so light you didn’t need a torch,  it felt like we were back in the Red Sea – this dive has to be the highlight of the trip and we can’t wait to get back there !


Monday afternoon saw most of the group going home having had some wonderful weather and diving and yes, pasties !



Tuesday 10th


Tuesdaysaw Mir launch out of Penzance once more to dive on the Runnelstone whilst Deb took thegirls for a bimble round Mousehole and Marazion and partaking of fartoo much Cornish clotted cream ice cream !


The pair were:

  • Chris andPhil
  • Nick and Julie

Afterdiving the Runnelstone in the morning the RIB put into Lamorna forlunch and the second dive was to be on Low Lee Ledges with:

  • Phil andChris

Wednesday 11th


Mir launched at Penzance with Chris and Phil taking the boat round to Lamorna with Alyssa and Ali onboard for the ride.  We planned to dive the Bucks.  Thanks to Phil for bringing the buoyancy aids for the girls to wear whilst onboard.


Chris boathandled and the pairs were:

  • Nick and Julie
  • Phil and Deb

Seconddive was on the wreck of the Lincoln which was a three-mastedschooner-rigged cargo steamship, she was 198 ft long with a grosstonnage of 624 tons, she sank on 5th July 1886 after hitting the Runnelstone in thick fog, she is very well broken up now although the hull is still recognisable.


Deb boat handled and the pairs were

  • Chris and Phil
  • Julie and Nick

The vis was green down to 15 metres due to the algae bloom which had come early, but then cleared to a respectable 10 metres. 



Thursday 12th

Thursdaysaw Chris, Deb and Phil dive on Hellopes again with Nick and Julie boathandling, the sea was a little lumpier than earlier in the week butsafe enough to dive.  It was obvious that we had had the best of the weather and that the weather was on the change.  Thevis was reasonable and we had a lovely bimble around her stern and thenthrough between her huge boilers which stand 3 metres proud.  Nick had loaned Phil his camera and we are hopeful that some of the shots come out so that we can share them with you.

It was to be our last dive of the week and we were all very sorry to leave for home but look forward to our next trip !

Ourthanks to all who made the effort to come down and have a dive with us,everybody had a wonderful time - just great diving and relaxing withour friends.  The club made a good profit from the week’s diving.


Thanksto Yasmin - who we have volunteered to be our official camerawoman,( your help was very much appreciated.

The weather was very kind to us, very little wind and lots of sunshine, a most pleasant way to spend an Easter Bank holiday.

Photo’s to follow.


Kind regards

Debs and Chris