Thwarted by the iffy weather the first wave out of Plymouth on Saturday morning didn't make James Eagan Layne, but got a very nice dive off Penlee Point instead.

The plan was to dive the James Eagan Layne, but after a very bumpy ride out (it was quite windy WSW) and finding fairly heavy sea beyond PenleePoint, we returned to sheltered area inside the Point and dived 50m or so from the rocky shore opposite the big white building. I dived with Peter Caborn. Diving as a threesome were Clint, Anne and Hilary. Phil boathandled.

The deeper outcrops at 10-15 metres were reefy and very pretty. Shallower, about 5-6m towards the end of the dive, there was a lot of kelp (to be expected) and it was not quite so nice.

Around the bouldery reefs there was a very pleasant variety of colourful seaweeds, and plant-like animals; there were feathery sea-firs, sea-squirts, and unknown fingery sponges, and fan worms in the gullies. There were cotton-spinners, snakelock and small white anemones, spiny starfish, purple starfish, and a few spider crabs. Fish - there were lots of fry, especially goldsinny wrasse, as well as adult ballan wrasse, a wonderful group of cuckoo wrasse, the pollack, gobies, and a tompot blenny.

It was a really good relaxed dive, there wasn't too much current and we took it very easy going round. Peter lugged the blob about, and he found a fishing weight.

By the time we surfaced, the wind had dropped, and the ride back very much smoother. The prospects for the second wave (Peter W and Geoff H, Phil and Nik, with Clint and Anne boathandling) were much better. Thanks to the boathandlers and Clint again for towing.