The sun was shining and there was hardly a breath of wind as we arrived at the Boat-house.  As assistant dive manager for the day, Geoff soon had us getting MIR ready.  At 08.30 we were on our way to Polly Steps at Teignmouth. 

Polly Steps was very busy when we arrived with several boats andjet-skis being launched.  We soon had MIR launched and the first waveputting their kit on board.

I took the helm and steering by compasstook Clint, Dave, Peter, Phil and Helen out to the Bretagne.  A charterRIB was there and so we used their shot.  Dave and Peter were the firstin the water.  Phil and Helen were almost ready when Dave and Peterreappeared.  Dave had to abort his dive due to sinus pain.  Peterjoined Phil and Helen and were on their way to the wreck.  Dave tookover as Boat-handler so Clint and I soon followed.

The water wasfairly "soupy" but we could see about 2m.  There is quite a crop ofPink fan coral on the deck of the Bretagne.  Shoals of fish, mostlyPouting swam around us and I saw one Blenny looking out of a hole.   Wehad a good look at the propeller lying on the deck and then went overthe stern to look at the one that is in the correct position!  After aleisurely look along the deck we deployed a DSMB and returned to thesurface.  Clint deployed his new surface marker and the charter Ribcame over to take pictures!!  We now headed back to Polly Steps.

Wavetwo was ready and waiting.  Geoff H, Nic, Simon and Geoff M were allgoing out to the Galicia and Derek and Hilary chose to dive on DawlishRock.  Whilst they were gone we had a leisurely lunch and rest.  Theyall reported good dives although the visibility could have been better.

Wewere ready and waiting when MIR returned and loaded up our kit ready togo out to the Galicia.  Phil, Simon, Clint, Helen, Dave and I were allkeen to be on our way.  Dave was hoping he would be able to get a divein this time.  Dave and Simon were first in the water, but it was not tobe Dave''s day as once again he had to abort his dive.  Simon waited onthe shot and joined Phil and I when we were ready.

The water wasfairly murky and we were very conscious that there might be net on thewreck.  This proved to be the case.  There were many casualties trappedin the netting including cormorants.  Phil cut a lobster free and tookit home with him!.  All too soon Phil deployed a DSMB and we returnedto the RIB.  Clint and Helen surfaced and  proudly announce they hadfreed a lobster to be confronted with Phil''s catch!!

We now made ourway homewards and finally arrived back at the boat-house at 20.30. Avery goods days diving was had by all (well maybe not Dave).

Congratulations to Geoff on a succesful day as assistant dive manager.

Anne Massam