Well as far East as West Dorset, Lyme Regis to be specific. We had made the decision on Friday night that we would go to Lyme for a change. Tides were good neaps, which meant the harbour would not dry out completely.

The plan was to do a trip out to the Gibel Hamam, followed by the Baygitano. However a timing issue resulted in us doing 2 trips to the Baygitano. The first run had Rachel and Nigel Chappell boat handling for us. Debbie, Chris and I would go in first, followed by Kevin and Nik for a bit of training.

Our shot was about 4 feet off the wreck, so I dragged it back to a small break that would hold it in place. We would be leaving it there for the second trip. I tracked Chris and Debbie for a bit, but lost them. As allowed for, I continued over the wreck for a while. Unfortunately there was some very bad diving going on by others, kicking up the 3-4m vis nicely. I eventually swam off the wreck to pick up a few scallops. As well as a pristine fishing rod and reel - bonus!

After a break in Lyme for lunch and dropping off Nik, Nigel and Rachel, we returned to the Baygitano. Chris and Debs went in first. Then the rain started, with a bit of wind picking up. Once they were back, Kevin and I made our second tour of the wreck. I found a lobster under some plates, courtesy of Chris' directions, but it was not moving out to play. We continued our meander until our planned limit of 30 minutes, when I put up our DSMB and made our ascent.

The wreck covered in Bib, a few Pollack, some single Bass and a couple of congers. The usual smaller fish including Leopard Spotted Goby and Tompot Blenny were present. There were many velvet swimming crab and several edible crabs, but none to bother. I also spotted a couple of squat lobsters and Kevin pointed out a small flatfish.

Back to shore and the boat recovery. For those that do''t know Lyme Regis, the harbour can be left high and dry at low tide. We were back about and hour and a half before low to find the water's edge half way to the entrance. This is where the large drop down wheel on the trailer come into play. We pushed the trailer out under the water and winched the boat onto it. Three of us were then able to push the trailer up the hardish mud to a point where we could tie a rope to Chris' car.

Thanks go to Chris for the boat towing, and Kevin for helping him to get the boat out and putting it away.