Wave Chieftain IV - at last!

It was Wave Chieftain III when we booked!

After a long drive (well OK.. 10 mins..) met Adrian and Paul H in the cafe. Usual chat, then out to load up Wave Chieftain IV.

Met the others, some I knew before, some new faces... and was informed that approx 10% of the UK owned Meg Rebreathers were onboard - all 3 of them.

Safety speech from Rich and off over a very calm sea to the wreck of the "Chateau Yquem  "

Lovely trip out chewing the cud, taking the mikey, drinking tea, eating chocolate... usual stuff... This is a BIG boat... masses of deck space, good kitting up benches and a kettle with Tea and coffee available.

"SOME BAS*ARDS ARE ON OUR WRECK!" I thought we''d booked it!

Another dive boat already there - no matter we kitted up first and got in ahead of them.

ADV not working properly on the Inspiration so ran the lungs manually, (this is part of the training in using the thing and one of the reasons I go and practice a lot!)

Viz on the wreck was terrible... couldn''t see the wreck... too many fish in the way!

Viz was about 6m...

Shot was at 42m. Changed my setpoint to 1.4 PPO2 then set off along the side of the wreck. Shot nearer the stern, so headed off towards the bow. after 15 meteres up the side an into the main part of the ship. It is sitting more or less upright, ambient light was good, torches were reall only needed for looking into holes. The bow was very straight (old design) and a very impressive sight with anchors still in place.

Gill nets on the wreck, wouldn''t like to do it in crap viz..

Back towards the stern where we saw the biggest CONGER CONGER I''ve ever seen.

His mate was next to him.. he was almost as big. Adrian, Chris, Paul H and I were heard squeeking about the size of this thing!

A rummage around the stern, and the deepest point of the dive.

Then time to send up the DSMB. I was showing 20 mins to surface... and my first Deco stop was 2 min at 29m!
Chris went up my line to his first stop depth, we have developed a good technique for this - yo-yo-ing past each other as our computers showed different stops.

At the 6m stop I encountered real kit failure - battery went flat on the Mp3 player!

Waited for my buddy to clear his deco (he tried to tell me we had similar deco - ''fraid not I could have been on board drinking tea by the time he finished!

Surfaced, lift upto deck level, sit on the bench, kit off, and a rush to the heads - I knew I should have put my nappy on! A lovely cup of tea and more chocolate...

An excellent dive - everyone was on a high talking about the experience.

Chris found some shiney - so he was happy!

Adrian found a body warmer!

Chris and I decided to miss the Tesco dive - and had a snooze on the bunks instead.

Unfortunately Sundays dive cancelled - the wind was picking up as the day progressed and by the time we arrived back at Exmouth dock it was a force 4 - 5.

and Adrian, many thanks for organising this.


p.s. Wave Chiefatin IV will be on the Hard at Exeter during the winter for maintenance and modification. We invited Richard to call in for a beer whilst this happens!