After a few false starts over the past year, we finally make it to the Skaala.

This was a very hard wreck to shot, we were not even sure we had it right.

Paul Leyland and Chris went in first, with orders to send up a small buoy if they found the wreck. The buoy came up, so Paul H and I made our descent.

We had a bearing to use if there was no wreck in sight, so we followed it. We found the wreck in maybe 20 metres finning, so no problem. The Skaala has a cargo or large pressed coal blocks. I had planned to lift one of these and up it duly went. This appears to be a small wreck as we went from midships to stern, to bow and then back towards the stern in one go. With slow finning. The bow still has both anchors in place, plus plenty of the cargo if anyone else fancies a try.

Thanks must go to Nigel for boat handling for us.