Thursday 13th December 2007

Nick Lyon requested a couple of dives to do some drills on his rebreather.... No problem, we decided to go to Vobster and I would give him a real "beasting" on the skills.

09:00 and I''m the only person, apart from the staff, there!

Nick arrives at 09:10, we admire the steam coming off the water, play on the icy puddles and eventually decided we cannot put it off anymore and kit up.

I try to rinse my mask in the bucket and nearly break it. 2" of ice on the top!

We do enter the water, and have the place to ourselves. Cannot blame any bad viz on other divers! Infact the viz was about 10m.  We swim over to 12m platform and the "Beasting" begins... Bailout drills/Linearity checks/HIgh and Low O2 alarms/handset failures/setpoint drills... followed by a swim around and then more drills.

The trout were very friendly, swimming right up to us - a benefit of bubbless diving!

After an hour in 8c water we surfaced and thawed out in the shop by the fire, eating cheeseburgers.

A few other divers had arrrived by this time, so unfortunately our private dive site was now shared.

Second dive and this time running the unit manually and more drills. Down the shot onto the wreck and then over to the crushing works. After 40 mins we surfaced and debriefed, packed the kit, booked parking places for next Saturday, and then set off home.

A good day, with all objectives achieved completed and fun had.

There are normally lots of ducks at Vobster - but none to be seen today! Too cold for them - I decided they had gone off to warmer climes!

Paul Leyland